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Competition vs Stass, WIN

Personal and team win, though my score was rather horrid. 530, 515, 510 and we take the match.

Started off with a X-X. Became overconfident, feeling that I have mastered this and that I can shoot the rest of the match at a different rhythm than my usuall approach. Less pre-vis, more shooting, working fast. I think some of this was picking up the attitudes of the other shooters; whatever, it should be me setting the attitude that they all follow. Results were disastrous.

Then my first white shot of the season! Worst of all, I knew better. The mind was full of self-referential thoughts, yet I took the shot anyway.

Pulled myself together for the final series. Only scored a 91, but 5 of those were Xs. Last two shots sluffed.

Lessons learned.

Training 15 Jan

Volmerdange. More of a chat session than a training session. But good to see the team again. Shot the question mark. Feeling very strong with my raise/lower, fully confident of where the aiming area is and that I can get the gun into it.

Training 10 Jan

Session one: The lower and also stability of hold. Noticed that as I worked on my stability, I had half my shots with “distance from hit to COA” less than 10 mm. I see that I need to get this up to 9/10, as this final accuracy is the key.

Still all kinds of hell from the shift curve, damnit! Seems to fall apart in the last 0.1th of a second. Wonder why that is? Sloppy follow-through?

Second session: Got it down to 6/10, and the mean for the set also under ten (9.8)!

Notice mean length of tracing is also lower. Maybe I should start looking at this?

I want to say it has helped with the shift, but I don’t trust how I am reading the graphs. Remember, the loss is 1/2 point per shot, so yeah, on an individual level the shift might not show up as much. But it does appear more stable.

Fostering the spirit

Fostering the spirit is painful, hard work; shoot each shot as if your life depended on it

–Awa Kenzo

Uff. I am far below that standard. Today’s practice session, at a nearby club, ok, I managed a 9.1 average, but certainly no sense that my life depended on each shot.

Been exhausted all weekend actually.

Maybe because of an awesome squat session late Friday night? New 1RM record, set on top of a 20 rep set at 120 kg.

Only the shot

There is only now, only the shot
No past, no future, no average score
This instant is
The rest is not.

A poem that flowed through me during the third set of tonight’s competition. This expresses the state I was in. Hope you can also get there, it is a good experience.

Competition 9 Jan 2014 WIN

Personal and team victory, we took the top four scores.

I didn’t open with a bull (as hoped), but I closed with a string of three. Also hit my goal of 30% bulls (result 20/60, or 1/3rd, with 10/60 center bulls) and just scraped into the 540s (541).

My issue with this is that goals reflect the ego, which was really absent from today’s competition. Except near the end, as we will get to.

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The unity of instrument and oneself is divine

You and your gun must come together as one; that act is divine. This unity of instrument and oneself is divine. There is no bow, no arrow, no you; yes and no are one

Awa Kenzoquote

Training 8 Jan, 1.25 hr

Down at Volmerdange for a club training. Opened with a bull. Then the target with the center cut out, 9/10 through the center hole.

Working on the “lower direct to POA” technique. The groove is still shallow, but growing deeper. Gun wanders at the bottom.
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Hakomi therapy?

Looking at deconstructing the ego, ran across something called hakomi therapy. Therapy isn’t really my thing, but the author of the page had an discussion of the deconstruction of the ego which had some interesting quotes:

The problem is not that we have an Ego but that we begin to identify with this Ego.

The process of returning to Self is one of self-discovery, rather than self-improvement. We are correcting a case of mistaken identity, not trying to fix our false identity.


Training 7 Jan, 45 shots

Stopped early because of shoulder pain, plus it is getting late.

Shooting at a vertical line the height of the target, to train the vertical drop and horizontal hold.

NEW: Lower immediately to the POA, no more of this stopping early and then trying to lower using the hips.

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