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Letter to Russ

January 4, 2014

Been emailing with Ruslan Dyatlov (runs a shooting academy in Michigan) about coaching options. My emails to him allowed me some good reflection, so I post them here:

I’ve  attached my results from the RIAC competition (13 Dec). I really expected to do better, as usually competition helps me focus. But I spent my 15 sighters trying to find the bull, whereas normally in competition I find it in the first few shots. You can see I was still searching for it in the first series; there were also some adjustments to the sights made during the competition…

Missing the center is more than a sight alignment issue. I’ve tried adjusting the sights to chase after the middle of the target, and this is rarely successful. Self reflection tells me that I lack confidence in my aiming point– that is, I don’t have deep certainty as to where the right hold point is, nor that I am/can hold the gun there consistently. I find myself “searching” for the right hold area on many shots. (yes, I know what theory says is the right point, but I don’t know this with my body).

Some of it comes from training too much dry fire with my scatt– which (as you know) assumes your calibration shot is a bullseye, even though I was seldom certain this was the case. So, while I improved some things via scatt, I also lost confidence that my aim was true. I am resolving this by taking one live shot after the calibration shot and using this to fine-tune the settings.

My current training focus is to overcome this by working on lowering the gun to the same point on each shot. I do this by using my arm to get the gun aimed at the top of the target rings, then using my hips to lower it down straight through the target to the lower “5″. I’ve been closing my training sessions by drilling on just this for 20 shots– with each shot raising and lowering 5 times using only my hips, and not a care in the world for anything else.

I also have become aware that I tend to cant the gun to the right.



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